About Us

Link Global provides compliance solutions for both financial institutions to develop globally and high-net-worth individuals to allocate assets globally.

Link Global, headquartered in London and branched in many countries, is a global management counselor with global financial management expertise and thorough understanding of the countries and regions it serves. We make full use of global expertise to help clients make compliant strategies for global development, design and implement global investment structures, and deploy wealth structures to help them realise their global vision.

Link Global provides global development and asset allocation strategies for banks, funds, securities firms (brokers), asset management companies and other financial institutions as well as high-net-worth clients. Its business scope includes compliance consulting, financial licenses (banks, brokers, asset management, payment, crypto-currency exchange) application, fund structure design, regulatory registration, design, registration and custody of family trust & partner trust (trusted by licensed trustee partners), company registration in various countries, immigration through investment, etc.

Team members have extensive work experience in global financial centers, such as financial institutions, counselors, law firms, accounting firms in the City of London, Australia, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other countries or regions.

Business activities reach out to countries including major global financial centres such as the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Australia, Switzerland, etc., and offshore islands including Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Seychelles, Guernsey, Jersey, Mauritius, etc.